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I was born a sassy, hyperactive, and extroverted showoff with a stubbornly independent streak. I was blessed with good, Christian parents who strived to maintain a calm, quiet, don’t-draw-attention-to-us home. They were at a loss as to what to do with this rambunctious, often-embarrassing, untamed child! My parents were homebodies and my two sisters’ and my activities were confined to home or our very small church; there were no extracurricular school activities. We went nowhere. To say my life was sheltered is putting it mildly.

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My high school sweetheart and I married at nineteen and we pretty much stayed local, very active in our church and our three children’s many activities.


In 1994, a drunken driver hit my husband and I leaving my husband with severe brain damage, mentally incapacitated, confined to a wheelchair, his left arm paralyzed and many other health issues. The driver had no insurance, assets or job, so we gained no financial help. Fortunately, I fared better than he did, and our children were not with us. I lost my husband that day, and my children their father. Certainly not the way we had planned our lives at a still young, active age with many years ahead of us, our hopes and dreams unfulfilled, and three children that still needed both of their parents very much.

I’ve taken care of my husband/youngest child for many years now, but he has declined to the point that we have found it necessary to place him in a nursing home. A very difficult time for me; however, also, a chance to welcome some positive changes into my life.

With our children grown and my husband entering a nursing home, I am ready to revisit my early childhood and develop the personality I was born with, but which had been considerably suppressed for most of my life. Before the “accident”, I resisted change or risk. Now I’ve become accustomed to being thrown into situations riddled with changes and uncertainty. I’ve learned a lot about myself…good and bad. I am strong, resilient and adaptable. I even welcome change, learning new things, and am cautious about, but not afraid of, risk. And I have enough confidence to know that when I meet with challenges, no matter how difficult they might be, I will get through them, and will be stronger for it. Things I would have preferred not learning in “the school of hard knocks”, but nonetheless…

One positive trait that I’ve discovered I have, that has been unearthed since our accident, is a great sense of humor…witty and sarcastic. And I enjoy using it immensely; it adds so much flavor to my life. It has become a very useful coping mechanism for me during trying times, as well as it is just plain fun! So….beware…..  🙂

During this new phase in my life, I want to spend more quality time with my family, and travel, something I have barely touched on in the past. I wish to learn and experience a variety of new things and initiate changes in my life, including the addition of the new luxury of spontaneity. I want to feel alive! I want to push myself, to step out of my comfort zone…because…now I know that I am capable of it. I’m so much bigger than the box that I’ve been in much of my life. I will be sharing my experiences along the way with everyone.

Developing this site will be an on-going process and will, also, be a learning experience for me in many ways. Although I have owned/managed two offline businesses previously, and directed a small nonprofit organization, this will be my first online business endeavor… an ambitious one at that! It will ultimately include 200+ hobbies and interests, and categories such as travel, health and wellness, business, and suggestions for making changes at home, leisure and business , etc. I’ll be adding interviews with experts in these fields and from participants who have tried new things. There will be detailed, honest reviews, and challenges to spice things up. You’ll learn the many benefits of change, spontaneity, and the importance of learning and experiencing new things in your life.

The broad assortment of options you will find on this website will amply supply ideas for people that are introverts, extroverts, timid, outgoing, cautious, daring, active, sedentary, affluent and budget conscious…yep, pretty much everyone!

My goal for this site is twofold…

For you…ways to experience new things, increase your knowledge and add interest, fun and adventure to your life and to others that you care about. To help you to leave boring and routine behind and learn to accept change. Most of us go through some difficult periods in our lives, some of our own choosing or as results of our decisions, and some are thrust upon us by others…leaving us devastated.

My  objective is to equip people to: deal with challenges, have the ability to change direction in their lives with less difficulty, and think outside the box. Through this site’s information, suggestions and activities, you can become more adaptable, flexible and versatile mentally, dependent on how open you are to experiencing new things.

And for me… it will be a way to exercise my passion of using what my family’s been through as a means to help others’ lives easier and more fulfilling. Also, to use this site as a springboard for my new, exciting life that I hope will be an inspiration for many.

Advertising, Reviews and Disclosure…

Some of the content on this website might contain affiliate links; which means that I am paid for referrals to certain sites, products or services. This is, in part, how I support myself. Whether I’m compensated or not, however, I will never promote or recommend a product that I wouldn’t use myself or from providers I trust. Sometimes I am able to negotiate special discounts and/or bonuses, which I will pass on to you via my links. Perform your own due diligence with any product purchase to make sure it’s a good fit for you and/or your business.

Ready,  Aim,  Action…

You may wish to take on these experiences and challenges as individuals and/or as a couple, group, or a family unit. What a wonderful way to expose the children in your life to the benefits of experiencing new things and being receptive to change.

If you are ready to Switch It Up, and even if you’re not, I encourage you to visit this site often, as content will be added on a continual basis. Browse the categories and pick something to start with that piques your interest…then another and another. Implement some of the suggested changes in areas of your life. Share this site with your friends and ask them to join you in an interest and/or challenge.

Let’s get connected! I invite you to join me on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social media by simply clicking on the icons below. Please share and compare your own experiences with trying new things by adding photos, comments, and tips for all to enjoy and to encourage others.

If you have new ideas that I might consider including in the categories, if you have a question, or otherwise think you might be able to add to the website in a positive way, please contact me by filling out the brief contact form on the bottom of any page. Or you can contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

I am always open to reviewing products, programs and services and to discussing advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Also, if you wish to have me consider a submission for a guest post relevant to any of my categories/interests please contact me.

Switch It Up… and join us!

Sherry Hamlin

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